Photos in the Wild Update

I used to have a unique post here for every one of my pictures I found being used elsewhere. Toward the end of last year, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort since the uses of my pictures aren’t always that interesting. However, I have been keeping my list up-to-date and figured I would just write the occasional post to highlight some of the things I’ve found.

One of my pictures of a Manhattan from 3 years ago was used in a couple of places near Christmas since that season was the setting for the cocktail. T-Lounge used it as a backdrop for their heading for a post about holiday cocktails. And Food Schmooze used the picture not for a Manhattan but for a similar drink.

Christmas Cocktail

Likewise, a three-year old picture of scrambled eggs was used in a couple of places. Youth Health used it for a post about diet recommendations, and Beaded Quill used it for a touching post about how her dying father was only able to eat scrambled eggs.

Scrambled Eggs

Interestingly, both got the picture from Wikimedia Commons. Although I very willingly apply a Creative Commons license to my pictures, I never thought about the possibility that they could therefore be added to Wikimedia Commons. I checked and it looks like I have had 6 photos added there. Not sure how I feel about that but am leaning toward being OK with it.

I have already had my photos used on 6 sites so far this year. I also came across some lingering 2014 uses. I have added all these to my growing Photos in the Wild page.

New EMRO Reviews

My latest reviews for Educational Media Reviews Online are now available.


Adelante is a touching portrait of how one Catholic parish adapted to the changing demographics of their community. Noam Osband’s film documents how an influx of Mexican immigrants invigorated a traditionally Irish church that had slowly been losing parishioners. Although brief mention is given to some members of the community who resent the immigrants, the overall tone is uplifting as the church members depicted in the film are welcoming and willing to adapt their traditions to those of the new parishioners…read more

More Than the Rainbow

More Than the Rainbow focuses on taxi driver turned street photographer, Matt Weber. Dan Wechsler’s film chronicles Weber’s history of shooting street scenes in New York City. Weber provides an interesting and affable centerpiece for a film that quickly transcends this straightforward narrative…read more

Shored Up

Focusing mainly on the New Jersey and North Carolina shore lines, Shored Up examines the troubled relationship between nature and those who want to build beach homes and communities. Taking Hurricane Sandy as a starting point, Ben Kalina’s film traces the history of shore development with an emphasis on the more recent trend of building expensive homes in flood and erosion prone areas…read more