September Round Up

Because I often write in various places, I’ve decided that I would like to create an index of sorts every month to help keep track of what I’ve done where and of other things I’ve been working on. So for September 2014:

The Casserole:

Educational Media Reviews Online:

Being and Formulating:

SuperPlus Eats:

New Story in The Casserole

As I mentioned previously, I had a story, The Day When JoAnna Cowley, Without Warning, Quits Her Job, accepted in The Casserole. It is now live! And with Canadian spellings!

A teaser:

With the end of the semester just days away, Foster McCallum peers through the window into his classroom and hopes no one will show up for his morning class. What students don’t realize is that some instructors—this one, at least—hate this bullshit as much as the students. He wants to return to his research, even after yesterday’s incident, but seven students are keeping him from his favorite spot in the library, with his back to the wall, eyes toward the circulation desk, nose in his notes, and with any luck, being left alone…read more

This is my third story published in a literary magazine, adding to Six Minutes, which was published in Ayris Magazine, and The Vacation Fight, which appeared in Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing. I also have a self-published a novella, King’s Long Search. It’s been a productive couple of years.

New EMRO Review

My latest review for Educational Media Reviews Online is now available.

Agnes Varda: From Here to There

Agnes Varda, best know for directing the films Cleo From 5 to 7 (1962), Vagabond (1985) and The Gleaners and I (2000), directs and stars in the five part seriesAgnes Varda: From Here to There. Varda travels across the globe meeting with a variety of artists working in diverse media to discuss their inspirations, processes, and lives…read more