November Reading Update

By the end of November, I reached my goal of reading 30 books in 2014.

Early in the month, I finished Megan Chance’s Inamorata, another title I got through the Amazon First program. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the benefits of this program is that it has allowed me to try books I would otherwise never have picked up. Inamorata is certainly a title that would never have been on my radar and I am definitely glad that it crossed my path. Although is was labeled as “Historical Fiction,” it is more of a fantasy story. It is set in Venice in the 1870’s, but it incorporates fantastical elements, predominantly demons disguised as people. Venice is vividly described and the plot is a real page turner, but what really won me over were the interesting and unique characters. Despite the otherworldly elements, Inamorata succeeds in making the characters’ dilemma feel real. Chance’s depiction of Venice was so interesting that it compelled me to re-read Thomas Mann’s 1912 novella, Death in Venice. I hadn’t read that since college or perhaps shortly thereafter. It was one of my favorite stories at the time and it held up well to my memory. I probably liked it better reading it as a 46-year-old than I did as a twenty-something as I certainly could relate more to Aschenbach’s concerns about getting older.

The other book I finished in November was Beth Kephart’s Handling the Truth, which is an effective introduction to reading and writing memoirs. I’m not particularly interested in writing one, but I keep thinking I would like this blog to become a bit more personal and not be so much just “I did this” and “I took a picture of that.” I’m not sure Kephart’s book provided much insight or inspiration in terms of changing the way I blog but that’s no fault of the book since that’s not what it was intended to do. Handling the Truth would be an ideal book for someone who was totally new to memoirs as its observations would be fairly rudimentary to someone who has given memoirs a great deal of thought. The highlight of the book is Kephart’s list of suggestions of memoirs to read at the end.


November Reading Update

I finished 30 books by the end of November:

New Photo in the Wild: Late-Night Nosh in Key West

Well, this is amusing:

Having never been to Key West, I was surprised to see that one of my photos was used for a piece titled “10 Best Spots for Late-Night Nosh in Key West.” Turns out that USA Today’s Key West Local Expert decided to use my picture of a pizza from Joseph’s Pizza in Northeast Philly as a stand-in for pizza from Key West’s Mr. Z’s Pizza. I guess I should be flattered?

Joseph’s Pizza

November Round Up

Because I often write in various places, I’ve decided that I would like to create an index of sorts every month to help keep track of what I’ve done where and of other things I’ve been working on. So for November 2014:

On Being and Formulating:


On SuperPlus Eats: