About the Site and the Title


Being and Formulating is the personal blog of Tom Ipri. I also post to my professional blog, Tombrarian. The title comes from a quote from the diaries of Anais Nin. I came across this quote second-hand from Brassai’s book Henry Miller: The Paris Years:

“In Miller’s mind…to commit the events of one day, or even one hour, to paper takes days if not weeks. Anais would therefore never catch up with events, and her Diary would never be truly current. Moreover, all she was doing by trying was postponing the exhilaration of life, the moments in whose heat you would never think of writing. The pulse of life makes any formulation impossible…All the diary can reflect are life’s stagnant period, what Andre Breton called the ‘empty moments’ of existence. Anais wouldn’t always avoid throwing herself into the current of life. She too would directly confront the dilemma of whether to live or to write. She herself says as much in her Diary: ‘The river of life divides into two branches: being and formulating.’”

Although the quote obviously speaks to a period of time well before anyone blogged, it certainly speaks to the recent explosion of this technology (and certainly speaks to the on-again-off-again nature of my posting. So, if I’m not posting, assume I’m “being.”) I love this quote and decided I wanted to use something from it for the name of my blog: my choices being either “Being and Formulating” or “Life’s Stagnant Period.” While the later has certain panache, I opted for the former.

My other blog, Tombrarian, has existed since March 2006. I had another blog before that which launched in April 2005, and when that one met its demise, I uploaded all its posts into Tombrarian. Since its inception, Tombrarian had been both a personal and professional blog ; however, this duel use has caused some apprehension on my part. I’ve hesitated posting some lengthy library-related ideas fearing that I’d bore family and friends and have hesitated posting more personal thoughts concerned that they are not professional. Thus the creation of Being and Formulating.


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