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Red Rock CanyonMy wife and I have done a few things of note recently that I’ve been wanting to post about. The first is that we took a ride out to Red Rock Canyon a few weeks ago. We had gone their last April when we visited Las Vegas when we were trying to decide if we wanted to move here. In fact, it was on of the deciding factors because we got to experience some of the natural beauty of the area and learned that there’s more to Vegas than the strip. It’s hard to believe that my interview at UNLV was just about a year ago. You can see more of our Red Rock photos here.

We also recently went to a benefit for the local npr station, knpr. The event was a screening of Monty Python’s Life of Brian at the Wynn Las Vegas. I’m not a huge fan of the casinos or the whole strip thing, but I have to say that the Wynn was one of the better casino’s I’ve been in. At first, I couldn’t figure out why, but then it dawned on me: it doesn’t have some cheesy theme as so many of the other casinos do. And then I though about it and realized that the other casino I don’t mind going to, Mandalay Bay, has a vaguely tropical theme, but they don’t beat it to death. Anyway, the knpr event was fun. I had seen Life of Brian a couple times before, but never with complementary drinks (a really lousy haze martini and a quite tasty pomegranate sea breeze).

Finally, we took a trip to Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge and Cactus Garden. Yes, it’s an odd combination but made for a nice afternoon. The Cactus Garden was smaller than I anticipated but quite pretty. The tour of the chocolate factory was disappointing because they were having some kind of work done, so we didn’t really see anything. But got free samples nonetheless.

Cactus Garden

As a bonus, the Cactus Garden is in the flight path of the airport, so there was plenty of planes overhead:

airplane overhead

You can see more of our photos of the Cactus Garden here.


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