The Big Trip

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So, the day after tomorrow, I head back to the east coast for 0ver a week. My primary destination is Crystal City, VA for the Computers in Libraries conference. As I have noted before, Crystal City, VA is basically Washington DC’s parking lot. After the conference, I head up to Philadelphia to visit family and friends. I am very much looking forward to taking the train from DC to Philly. I love riding the train and it seems they forgot to put any in Las Vegas. I have seen tracks, but I have yet to actually see a train anywhere in Vegas.

Saturday, April 5

Fly to Philly and then drive down to Crystal City with my brother.

Sunday, April 6

Sight-seeing in DC with aforementioned brother and probably catching up with some conference friends later.

Monday, April 7 – Wednesday April 9

Computers in Libraries Conference. You can see my schedule on the CiL wiki.

Thursday, April 10

Take the train from DC to Philly and hang out with the family.

Friday, April 11

Have lunch in town with an old friend then hit the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Saturday, April 12

Hit the festival for

And then meet up with family for the Phillies game.

Sunday, April 13

More festival:

And then dinner with the family.

Monday, April 14

Fly back to Vegas.