South Point and Iron Man

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One of the plentiful strange things about living in Las Vegas is having to go to or near casinos for fairly mundane tasks. We’ve often gone to dinner at the Green Valley Ranch Resort casino on our way to the grocery store. It’s across the street from the Whole Foods where we shop, and it has a rather good Asian restaurant, China Spice. We’re about nine miles from the strip, but there are quite a few “locals” casinos around. We are about five miles from Green Valley Ranch and less than three from the South Point casino. Even though it is so close, neither of us had been there until I went the other night to see Iron Man. Yes, you go to the casino to see a movie.

Initially, I had no interest in seeing Iron Man. But I saw that it was getting really good reviews (as of now, it has a 93% rating at Rotten Tomatoes), and Chris was going out with a friend the other night, so I decided to go see it. Although I enjoyed it for the most part, I didn’t think it was anything special. I was particularly bored during the parts when he was futzing in a cave making his suit and then several minutes later when he was futzing around in his basement re-making his suit. I had a hard time buying that Tony Stark was so naive not to think that the weapons he was making could fall into the hands of terrorists. And the irony that Stark is injured by his own weapons is broadcast in a couple of spots, just in case you can’t follow the obvious. And the supposed twist that the corporation is the real bad guy is predictable. But Robert Downey Jr. is excellent and other than the couple slow patches, the film is generally entertaining. More like a dumbed-down Robocop than anything special.