Elvis Costello and The Police

Las Vegas NV, Music, Places

Went to the MGM Grand on Friday to see Elvis Costello and The Police. I had seen Elvis twice before, once in 1987 and then again in 1994. Saw Sting twice before but never saw The Police proper.

I don’t know if it’s a Vegas thing or what, but the concert started exactly on time.

Both put on great shows. Elvis, as the opening act, performed for about 45 minutes. He played a balance of new songs and classics (Pump It Up, Everyday I Write the Book, Watching the Detectives, and Alison, for which he was joined by Sting hisself). My only minor complaint about the concert was that both acts played very predicatble set lists. There was no “Man, I can’t believe they’re playing that” moments.

The Police opened with Bring on the Night and played about 2 hours. I guess the most “obscure” song they played was Demolition Man but that’s not all that obscure. The first time I saw Sting, he played an 8 minute long version of Roxanne. I’m not sure the exact time, but The Police played a long version for this show as well. Roxanne is a bit tiresome at 3 minutes, I’m not sure why they drag this song out, especially when they don’t really do so with any others. It’s not like it’s Starship Troopers or something. OK, that’s a second minor complaint. But overall, I was thrilled to be able to see EC and The Police together.

As I get older, my taste for big venues has waned. Back in Philadelphia, we were much more likely to go to the TLA, or the Tin Angel, or the Keswick Theater than we were any of the big sites. I can’t remember the last time I was at a show with 15,000 people. The arena at the MGM Grand is a fairly pleasant place to see a large show, and the sound was quite good.