Change of Direction


Over the past few months, I had been posting chapters of my novel, Monkey Logic, to this blog. The process was rather educational for me and hopefully entertaining for you; however, I have decided to (at least temporarily) suppress those posts.

I have left my posts about Monkey Logic and my thoughts as to why I originally wanted to post it. They may seem a little out of context without the actual Monkey Logic posts, but they speak to some ideas about blogging and self-publishing that still may be worthwhile.

So, why the change of plans? Part of my reason for posting the novel was that it had become this big unwieldy story, and I felt that it was unpublishable. But it wasn’t without its strengths, so I felt it was worth playing around with on this blog.

Posting the chapters was surprisingly rewarding. I saw the structure and the pace of the work in a new light. I had tried in the past to streamline the narrative but was never happy with what I came up with. However, working on the draft on this blog changed all that and I found a way to shorten the work, so now I am in the process of yet another revision. Whether or not I’ll post anymore of Monkey Logic here is a decision I’ll make further down the road.