Busy and Fun Week

Las Vegas NV, Places

I had a very active week beginning last Saturday when Chris and I went to the Springs Preserve to see the film Still Life. Springs Preserve (which I wrote about before here) is working with CineVegas to host screenings of films that in some way deal with the environment. Still Life is not a documentary but focuses on how the development of the Three Gorges Dam affects the small villages that will eventually become flooded. I was particularly interested in seeing this film because I had recently reviewed Up the Yangtze for my work with the American Library Association’s Notable Videos for Adults Committee. Up the Yangtze is a documentary which also examines the effects of the Three Gorges Dam, so it was interesting to see two films in a short period of time that each had their own unqiue perspectives on the same issue. After the film, there was a Q&A with two professors from UNLV and a Hoover Dam historian.

Then on Sunday, Chris and I went with one of our friends from my work to see Mystere. We had tried to see another Cirque du Soleil show, Ka, several months ago. We had gotten cheap locals tickets, but a few things came up that weekend and we never made it to the show. I really did enjoy Mystere, which was the first Cirque show, or so I have been told. I’ll admit that I found the music to be a bit cloying and cheesy at times, but the costmues and the dancing and acrobatics were amazing. I’m now curious to see more Cirque shows. We’re lucky that there are locals discounts at times because they are usually ridicuously expensive.

The busy week continued when Chris and I went to Las Palmas on Thursday for dinner and free salsa lessons. We had been there twice before early in January and enjoyed it. Most people there seem to be beginners and/or casual dancers, so it’s a comfortable atmosphere.

Last night, I went to Frankie’s Tiki Room for a happy hour. The place is as wonderfully tacky and fun as it looks to be based on their site.