Anniversary Narrows

Las Vegas NV, Places

Chris and I joined a Meet-Up group to hike the Anniversary Narrows. We signed up at the last minute and didn’t have a lot of details about the hike. We all met at the Fiesta Casino, which isn’t very far from where we live. The hike requires high-clearance vehicles to get to the trail head, which we certainly don’t own. So, we had to go in someone else’s truck.

There was a little confusion about directions, so it took us a lot longer than the other members of the group to get to the trail head. I was disappointed by how long it took to get there. We met at the Fiesta at 11 but didn’t get to the trail head until nearly 1.

That disappointment aside, the hike was beautiful. The narrows proper aren’t very long but the trail extends well beyond the narrows.