CineVegas 2009 Schedule


The process of selecting my films for CineVegas was easy. I had purchased a pass a while ago for 16 films and was able to fill out an online form last week to select the films. I was prompt and received all my first choices.

When I bought the pass, I hadn’t realized that the 2009 festival is a few days shorter than it was last year. Also, the pass I bought includes the opening night film and I wasn’t sure at first if that counted against the 16. It doesn’t, so I actually have passes to 17 films. The fact that the festival is shorter than I thought means I have a much tighter and busier schedule than I anticipated. The full schedule for the festival can be found here.

Wednesday, June 10th:

Thursday, June 11th:

Friday, June 12th:

Saturday, June 13th:

Sunday, June 14th:

Monday, June 15th: