Inherent Vice

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On a two day roll with my Pics of the Day. I think for the first few days, I’m just going to take a picture of the first thing I think of just to get in the habit. I’m the type to bring a camera with me somewhere and then forget to take any pictures, which is one of the reasons I want to start a pic of the day project. I often regret not taking more pictures and want to have that option more on my mind.

I’ve been reading Infinite Jest since the summer. I have been enjoying it, but it is a really fat book, so it’s been taking a while. I’ve taken a few breaks from it as well. Twice back in the fall when I was traveling because I didn’t want to lug it with me on the place. And I decided to take a break from it over my winter holiday because, with my time off, I figured I could read something shorter cover-to-cover. I’m about 200 pages into Inherent Vice, so it’s quite possible that I will finish it soon, if not by the end of the weekend.

Not sure when I’ll get back into Infinite Jest because I will be traveling again on Friday. Maybe I will just lug it with me this time since I don’t want to set it aside for too long.

I am enjoying Inherent Vice. Probably my favorite Pynchon in a while. There are things I admire about both Mason & Dixon and Against the Day, but wasn’t overall that impressed with either. Inherent Vice really is a companion piece to Vineland, both being California novels and both being shorter and less epic than some of Pynchon’s fatter novels.

I’m finding the California aspects of Inherent Vice particularly interesting now that I live close to CA and have visited a few times. I also know more people from CA, so can relate to those parts of the novel a little differently than I would have if I still lived in Philadelphia.