ALA and SilverDocs

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ALA and SilverDocs

I’m still working through some pics from my trip a few weeks ago. I needed to attend the SilverDocs Film Festival was the same week. I arrived in DC a couple of days early so that I could go to some of the film festival. I was hoping to get to more, but I did see four films:

Also saw two shorts:

I liked all the films, but I would have to say that The Devilles was my favorite. What I found particularly interesting was how the couple at the center of the film Terri Lee and Shawn Geary tried to meld their presumably alternative lifestyle (she is a burlesque star and he is in a punk band) with a rather conventional suburban existence. It’s hard to not relate the weight of these conventional expectations to the troubles they had in their marriage.

I would like at some point to be able to go back to SilverDocs and be able to experience more of the festival. I’m a little eager to get to a festival now that CineVegas is defunct.

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