California Trip

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California Trip

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This is a map of the trip I took at the end of October 2010 to various parts of California. I drove approximately 1800 miles, which is astounding considering I don’t like driving very much. And because I don’t like driving very much, I broke it up into smaller trips.

  • Left Henderson, NV on 10/21 and drove to Bakersfield, CA and stayed the night.
  • Left Bakersfield on 10/22 and drove to Monterey, CA with a stop in Paso Robles for lunch. Stayed in Monterey until 10/29.
  • Left Monterey and drove to Solvang, CA with a side trip to San Simeon to see the elephant seals. Spent the night in Solvang.
  • Left Solvang on 10/30 and drove to Carpinteria, CA for one night.
  • Drove back to Henderson on 10/31.

I should be posting more pics in the coming days.