Facebook Fan Page


For a while, I have been feeding this blog to my Facebook profile and twitter account. I certainly don’t post that much here; however, I still felt that approach was a little spammy. Pushing to FB and twitter increased my traffic and definitely resulted in some positive feedback. Even when I first connected this blog in that way, I held a preference for people to opt in but didn’t know of an option that would allow that.

Fortunately, I have smart friends. A college classmate of mine, Christopher Davis, began a fanpage for his new blog, Vault of Thoughts, which is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in books, film, music, or culture. I quickly realized this would be an ideal way to post to Facebook but with the opt in option I always wanted, so I’m adapting his idea and have started a fan page for this blog, which, not uncoincidentally, also is titled Being and Formulating.

In addition, I have put my professional blog, Tombrarian, on indefinite hiatus. Back in the early days, I had used Tombrarian as both a personal and professional blog until I launched Being and Formulating in 2008. The two blog format served me well, but I find myself posting less about professional matters and feel that I want to reconsider my approach.

At one time, Tombrarian was a professional blog with some personal things thrown in and I now envision Being and Formulating becoming a personal blog with some library stuff thrown in. Frankly, the longer I’ve been in this field, the harder it becomes to separate the two lives.

So, if you enjoy my pics of the day, my film and food reviews, and the occasional blog post with a smattering of library thoughts thrown in, you can now like my Facebook fan page. And, of course, there’s always the option to subscribe to the blog feed.

In the very near future, I will cease feeding links to my Facebook profile, perhaps to the relief of some people.