The Everything Will Be Okay Trilogy #pff21

2012 Philadelphia Film Festival, Film Criticism, Film Festivals

The three short films which comprise Don Hertzfeldt’s The Everything Is Okay Trilogy are delightful, which is saying something considering they are about losing memories, getting sick and dying. The animation is deceptively complex. Hertzfeldt’s characters are stick figures, but he often has multiple animations going at once with parts of the screen blacked-out. He sparingly uses still photos to punctuate certain scenes. The characters don’t speak; Hertzfeldt employs a voiceover to describe what is on screen and related what the characters are saying. I often find voiceover narration annoying and unnecessary, but it is effective in this context, providing the films with a dark humor that somehow manages to create sympathy for these stick figures. Quite an accomplishment.

According to the film’s website, the dvd provides the option to watch all three films as shorts or as an integrated whole. The chapters are interrelated, so watching them integrated should be as, if not more, effective.

My initially reaction was to rate this as very good but these short films are still haunting me, and if I had a chance to vote again, I’d give it an excellent (5 out of 5).

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