Philadelphia Film Festival Wrap-Up #pff21

2012 Philadelphia Film Festival, Film Festivals

I recently realized the the Philadelphia Film Festival site announced their award winners. I was fortunate enough to have seen 2 of the Honorable Mention winners:

  • Honorable Mention for New French Films – Three Worlds (dir. Catherine Corsini)
  • Honorable Mention For Spanish Language Cinema – Clandestine Childhood (dir. Benjamín Ávila)

I was happy to see both of these get mentioned since they were both high on my list, with Clandestine Childhood probably my favorite. I also saw Step Up to the Plate, which won for Best Documentary Feature. What’s interesting is that both Clandestine Childhood and Step Up to the Plate were both last minute additions to my schedule.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable festival. Nothing really blew me away, but there was only one film I didn’t care for. Everything was pretty consistently good. I’m not going to include The Shining in my list since it’s hard to rank a classic among all the new films. Of course, it’s hard to rank such a diverse list in the first place, but I would generally say my best to worst list looks like this:


Very Good



You can see the complete list of the festival awards at the 21st Philadelphia Film Festival site.