New Adventures in Blogging


Anyone paying attention may have noticed that I blogged more–here and over at SuperPlus Eats–much more frequently toward the end of 2012. I’ve always enjoyed having blogs and enjoyed them much more when I kept up with them regularly.

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, but I am one to make plans and goals and, given how much satisfaction I’ve derived the past few month, I would like to continue the good habits I developed toward the end of the year.


I want to incorporate my blogging into a bigger writing plan. I’ve had some modest success getting things published and have a fairly steady gig writing film reviews for Educational Media Reviews Online and hope to capitalize on these¬†achievements. Also in 2012, I started receiving much more encouraging rejections for work I’ve attempted to place in literary magazines. “Encouraging rejections” may sound odd but there is a big difference between getting a form letter rejection and a personal note letting you know that you made it all the way to the final cut.

So some thoughts about goals for 2013:

  • Continue posting regularly to this blog and to SuperPlus Eats. I’m not inclined to put a number to this goal since it’s difficult to judge. Some posts take a lot longer to research and write than others, but it’s safe to say that I’m hoping for several posts per month.
  • I also want to expand on the topics I write about. As a big film buff, I’ve always been inclined to write about film here and, of course, food over at SuperPlus Eats. I do want to post more of my thoughts and concerns about writing and getting published and I will always leave the door open to write about current events and issues that are on my mind. Also, now that my professional blog, Tombrarian, is on hiatus, I will post library-related things here as well since those topics are often intimately related to writing and publishing.
  • As far as my creative work is concerned, I want to focus on completing the projects I have listed on my Writing Projects page. The three things currently on that page are things I’ve been working on for quite a while and I am working toward some closure with those. I have plenty of new projects in mind, so I would love to get the current work in great shape and keep moving on.
  • I would like to get more work published which means being more active in circulating my stories and perhaps even dusting off some poetry. I also want to look for more opportunities to write elsewhere about film.
  • To help accomplish some of the above goals, I would like to find a some critique partners to provide feedback on works-in-progress. As of now, I don’t know many other writers and need to get more involved in the writing community.
  • I plan on continuing my Pic of the Day project. 2013 will be the 4th year of doing it. I’ve never come close to actually posting a pic of the day, although this year was the closest yet. I posted 135 in 2010, 136 in 2011 and 267 this year. Although I plan on continuing, I see it as a low priority given everything else I want to work on.
  • I would also like to expand my social networks and increase traffic to my blogs. As of now, I average about 350 hits per month on this site. My personal/professional twitter account, Tombrarian, has 330 followers and the twitter account I recently created that focuses more on my writing endeavors, Formulating Wrds, has 112 followers. The Facebook page I created for this blog has 17 followers.
  • We’ve had success with SuperPlus Eats, with an average of about 240 views per month. The associated twitter account has 45 followers and the Facebook page has 49 followers. We just began promoting this site, so we’re pretty thrilled with the attention we’ve already received. I’ll be curious to see where things stand this time next year.

It’s an ambitious list but given what I accomplished during the last few months of 2012, I’m very optimistic about 2013.


    • I’m already 0 for 1 for 2013. Ideally, I would love to post one a day but I don’t want to stress over it. I do love looking back at the sets, so I’ll keep up with the way I’ve been doing it. Guess I should call it something other than “pic of the day.” Good luck!

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