Favorite Blog Posts of 2012


Well into the later half of 2012, I found renewed interest and energy for my blogging. For most of the year, I had been posting not much more than my pic of the day and the occasional movie review. As the year progressed, I started getting a clearer idea about the future of the blogs I had been contributing to.

Back in May, I decided to put my professional blog, Tombrarian, on indefinite hiatus. A couple of months ago, I toyed with the idea of reviving it but decided to stick with my inclination to keep it shut down and post anything library related here.

Upon mutual discussion and agreement, the contributors to Libraries and Transliteracy decided to close that blog back in October.

In November, my girlfriend and I decided to move our food blog, SuperPlus Eats, from a WordPress hosted site to a self-hosted site. Around the same time, I very briefly started a writing blog but quickly decided that, like with Tombrarian, I wanted to focus all my energy on this blog and anything I wanted to say about writing would take place here.

After all that shaking things up, I can now focus all my attention on just two blogs: this one and SuperPlus Eats.

Looking back at my posts for 2012, it’s clear that I was writing more later in the year, and I plan on that carrying over to 2013.

As a wrap-up, here are 10 of my favorite posts.

From Tombrarian:

From SuperPlus Eats (of the ones I wrote):

From Being and Formulating: