2012: The Year in Movies


2012 was an excellent year for getting to the movies. I saw 29 films in the theater. Thirteen of those were part of the Philadelphia Film Festival. Three more were special screenings hosted by the Philadelphia Film Society. All three of those were Hitchcock-related: Vertigo, Psycho and the new Hitchcock with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren.

In recent years, my film-going really varied, but it’s safe to say that I saw more films in the theater in 2012 than in any prior year. A huge part of that is being back in Philadelphia and having a few good movie theaters in striking distance.

I saw 23 films released in 2012, including a few that I’ve seen in 2013 but were released in 2012. All of these I saw in the theater except for The Avengers and The Queen of Versailles.

Given the eclectic mix of movies, it’s all but impossible to rank them in any really meaningful way, but here is what I saw generally ranked from my favorites to least favorites.


Very Good:



My viewing at home is always a mix of old and new films, but I would like to make an effort to keep more current and watch a greater proportion of newer titles. That said, I embarked on a film watching project part way through 2012 that I would like to continue in 2013. Back in the summer, the British Film Institute announced their 50 Greatest Films of All Time. I want to systematically watch them all in chronological order but, so far, have only gotten through 5:

I debated whether or not I wanted to re-watch the ones I had already seen and decided that, yes, I did want to watch them all because it’s been ages since I’ve seen many of them and watching them in the context of other great films of their eras sheds new light on the experience.

I’m looking forward to another entertaining and satisfying movie watching year in 2013!