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So, there I was minding my own business and reading this interesting post, by Amy Stewart, from Discover Magazine called The Botany of Booze, about “the plants hidden inside some of our most well-loved cocktails,” when I did a double take at slide 7 because she uses one of my pictures for her entry for a Blood Orange Sidecar.

This is exciting for a couple of reasons.

One, it’s freaking Discover Magazine.

Two, it’s a fascinating post about something I’m truly interested in. I’m a fan of classic and craft cocktails and enjoy using natural ingredients. Booze has a long history of using a variety of grains, herbs, flowers, etc. I like knowing what goes into the things I consume, which is why my girlfriend and I have started making our own bitters. The post is based on Stewart’s book The Drunken Botanist which we had recently been discussion with our local bartender. Nice bit of serendipity.

The photo in question:


So, definitely one of my prouder photos in the wild.


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