New Photo in the Wild: The Bold Italic

Philadelphia PA, Photography

I was notified the other day about another site that uses one of my photos. The Bold Italic is “an online magazine, shop, and events hub in San Francisco.” I wish I had known about this site before our San Francisco trip last month since it looks like a good resource for discovering the city. Because we had just been to San Francisco and I had posted a set of pictures, I assumed when I got the notification from Mention that the site used one of my SF pics. But that isn’t the case.

In the section “What to Do in Santa Cruz,” my photo of Spread Bagelry here in Philly is used in an entry for two places in Santa Cruz.

Spread Bagelry

I guess they couldn’t find any representative photos of those places and I’m flattered that they found my pic from 2500 miles away to be an adequate stand-in. And, as always, I’m thrilled when people properly attribute credit.

Now I want a bagel.