My Wonky Flickr Workflow


I’ve been using an archaic yet effective process for uploading my pics of the day to Flickr and my blog. I started doing pic of the day in 2010 when I had a Blackberry phone. At that time, the most practical way to send pictures to Flickr was email. I would email a pic to Flickr and then Flickr would push the photo to my blog. It’s hard to believe now that I used to post such mediocre pictures for my pic of the day.

Even after getting a smarter smart phone, I still used email because it was simple and it worked. That all ended when Flickr recently updated their site. I actually really like most of the changes Flickr made, but, alas, it broke my workflow.

Today, I started using the Flickr Android app to upload my pictures and then created a IFTTT recipe to push it to this blog. Unfortunately, there are some bugs to be worked out. I sent my picture to Flickr and it posted to my blog and then, a few minutes later, it posted to my blog a second time. Several minutes after that, it posted an older picture to my blog. I’m going to try another pic of the day tomorrow and I apologize in advance if it posts more than once and/or some old picture burps up.

I also push my posts to the Facebook page associated with this blog. Another issue is that the link but not the picture posted to the page.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to iron out these details over the next few days.