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I am, admittedly, lousy at self-promotion. I could say more about that, but Sean Beaudoin excellently articulates the problems inherent in self-promotion in his article, Hell Is Self-Promotion.

KLS_Kindle2_BlogI published my novella, King’s Long Search, back in June pretty much under the radar. Part of that was intentional. I had never self-published a book before, so I didn’t want to make a lot of noise about it and then have something go awry. I also didn’t make a big push with King’s Long Search because it is, admittedly, a bit of an odd tale that I assume won’t be to everyone’s tastes. But that could just be some kind of twisted modesty. I also see this book as laying the groundwork for future books. Any success with self-publishing is going to be over the long haul and it is also going to come in combination with more traditional publications. I feel fortunate that my release of King’s Long Search has come at the same time I have had a couple of stories accepted for publication. That’s a long-winded way of saying I don’t exactly know what I am doing and am in an exploratory period.

When I released King’s Long Search back in June, I offered it for free for four days. Surprisingly, quite a few people snapped it up even without an promotional effort on my part. I enrolled King’s Long Search in Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Select program, which allows authors to offer their books for free for five days per 90 day period. Since I only used four of those days in June, I have another day to use before my time is up, so I have scheduled to use that day this Friday, August 9th.

I have the option to renew my Select enrollment for another 90 days, but I have decided not to. Enrollment in the program requires placing your work with Amazon exclusively. Initially, I was fine with this arrangement because, as this was my first foray into self-publishing, I just wanted to get the book out there and Amazon provides the most exposure for the effort. However, I do want to make King’s Long Search available elsewhere, so during August, I am going to work on formatting it for Smashwords, which is a service that will distribute an ebook to a variety of retailers, including Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader Store, and Baker and Taylor, among others. I am hoping to have King’s Long Search ready for this service in the beginning of September.

Because I have this free promotion coming up, I figured I would post some things about it this week, starting with the blurb:

The road has not been kind to Abe King, old school baseball scout sent to find a star player who walked out on his contract. As the trail heats up, Abe wearies of the search and begins to question his mental health. Uncertainty rules the day as his journey leads him to Las Vegas where he must make a life or death decision.