That Time of Year Again #pff22

2013 Philadelphia Film Festival, Film Festivals, Movies

It’s hard to believe this will be my third Philadelphia Film Festival since moving back to Philly. Last year, I went to 13 movies and I think I will be able to get to many more than that this year. Last year, I was not able to coordinate as much time off from work and I had visitors from out town each of the weekends of the festival. Knowing I had nothing else going on this year, I splurged, bought a badge and created an ambitious schedule. The most films I’ve seen at a festival has been 17 at the 2009 Cinevegas festival. I’m optimistic that I’ll pass that number this year.

I doubt that I will get to all the films on my list. This is the “I don’t get to eat anything but popcorn” version for many of the days. Not that I have anything against popcorn.

Friday October 18

Saturday October 19

Sunday October 20

Monday October 21

Tuesday October 22

  • The German Doctor
  • Tasting Menu
  • Paradise: Hope

Wednesday October 23

Thursday October 24

  • Omar
  • A Touch of Sin

Friday October 25

  • The Discoverers
  • Bombay Talkies
  • Miele

Saturday October 26

  • Town Hall
  • Let the Fire Burn

Sunday October 27

Because I have a badge, I can be flexible with my schedule. For previous festivals, I bought tickets and this is my first time with a badge. 

This is the eleventh year in a row I’ve been able to attend a festival:

As I did last year, I’ll try and blog reviews of all the films but it might be difficult to do so in a timely manner given my ambitious schedule.