The Wonders #pff22

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Philadelphia Film Festival
Philadelphia Film Festival

Avi Nesher’s The Wonders starts off promising but loses steam by the end. Street artist Ariel observes strange goings-on in the apartment across from his. A few men bring another man with a cloak over his head into the apartment. Ariel witnesses odd flashing lights from within.

Later, at his job as a bartender, Ariel is approached by a mysterious man who wants to pay him to use his apartment to spy on the other apartment. Initially, Ariel declines and takes it upon himself to spy on the apartment and discovers that the man is the famous Rabbi Knafo, know for his ability to see into the future.

Eventually, Ariel is persuaded to let the stranger, who is allegedly a private investigator, use his apartment in hopes of rescuing Knafo. Soon, he begins to doubt the motivations of private eye and is introduced to the woman who hired him, who may or may not be Knafo’s sister-in-law.

The build up hints at Jewish mysticism and conspiracies but as the plot untangles, the explanations are disappointingly mundane. Many of the plot twists are mostly just Ariel’s naivete and misinterpretations of what is going on.

Despite its flaws, The Wonders is a fun and often humorous ride.

Using the festival’s scoring system, I ranked this Good or 3 out of a possible 5.

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