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My latest reviews for Educational Media Reviews Online are now available.

Three Businessmen

Three Businessmen is an interesting and entertaining exercise in absurdist theater, directed by and co-starring Alex Cox, best known for Repo Man and Sid and Nancy. Initially, two businessmen, Frank King (Cox) and Bennie Reyes (Miguel Sandoval) meet in a Liverpool hotel both traveling for business, both art dealers. After the hotel staff mysteriously disappears while the two men wait for dinner, they head out into the night looking for an open restaurant. They can never decide on a place because King is a vegetarian and Reyes a carnivore…read more

When the Bough Breaks

Ji Dan’s documentary, When the Bough Breaks, is ostensibly about the struggles of the young daughter of a poor migrant family struggling to find a way to pay for her brother to go to school. But the heart of the film is the dysfunctional relationship between the children and their parents that delivers a sense of hopelessness for the daughter’s task. The advertising blurb for the film describes the parents as “troubled and eccentric” when “awful and abusive” is much truer to the film…read more