33rd & Arch Food Trucks

We are lucky to be able to have lunch near a fantastic group of food trucks near 33rd and Arch, or as they sometimes refer to themselves on Twitter, the #33posse.

Pitruco Pizza

I’m not sure how much we can profess our undying love for the wood-fired pizzas at the Pitruco truck. You’d think that 2 people would not be able to eat a whole pizza each for lunch, but I can’t remember the last time we had leftovers. The pizzas are just that good, we wolf them down. I’m not even sure we could pick favorites, but Tom tends to favor the salame and the spicy garlic, and Holly tends to favor the eggplant and the radicchio. We’ve both recently become fans of the sausage, and we’ll usually try a special if they have one.

Salame pizza at Pitruco Pizza

Spot Burgers

We first stopped by Spot when they offered sloppy joes as the special burger of the week (BOTW). We still have a soft spot for the joes, but we’ll usually stop by anytime Josh has an interesting special. These have ranged from beef bourgignon sandwiches to lobster rolls to burritos, all of which have been wonderful.

Sloppy joes from Spot Burgers

Lobsta roll from Spot Burgers

Say Cheese Philadelphia

Say Cheese sounds like it should be a grilled cheese truck, but it isn’t exactly. It’s more that it offers all kinds of sandwiches and other dishes that happen to prominently feature melted cheeses. Some of our favorites here have been a grilled cheese with apples and havarti, their El Duke (steak, refried beans, avocado, jalapeño jack cheese, & pico de gallo), and their cheesesteak. Recently they started making their cheese sauce with Yards Brawler beer; we tried it with their chili cheese fries and it was awesome. They also have wonderful local Olde Philadelphia sodas, of which we’re particularly fond of the cream soda.

El Duke from Say Cheese

Street Food Philly

Street Food Philly offers a wide variety of food, from soups to sandwiches to tacos. Last week they even featured a duck confit cassoulet and fried chicken & biscuits. Holly’s favorite sandwich here is the pork banh mi, with tender roasted pork and homemade pâté.

Banh mi from Street Food Philly

Rival Bros

We like supporting Philadelphia locally roasted coffee, so it’s a thrill to have the Rival Bros truck nearby on most mornings. We enjoy stopping by for a hand pour or to pick up some beans for home. Lately we’ve been enjoying their Revolver, but we also like trying whatever special roast they have on hand.

Special mention: Vernalicious

We originally tried Vernalicious at 33rd and Arch, but unfortunately for us they rarely come around anymore, so we have to catch them at The Porch at 30th or other venues. They make a variety of comfort food, but their pulled pork grilled cheese is a thing of wonder! It might be our favorite sandwich from anywhere, ever.

Pulled pork grilled cheese from Vernalicious

Special mention: Lil Dans

Lil Dans isn’t often at 33rd and Arch but they do make an appearance sometimes. We love their Italian style sandwiches, especially The Bella (Italian marinated grilled chicken, with spinach or rabe, roasted peppers, and sharp provolone cheese) and The Pauly (fresh roasted Italian pork, with spinach or rabe, roasted peppers, sharp provolone cheese, and optionally, 2 fried eggs on top).

The Bella at Lil Dans

The Pauly at Lil Dans

Special mention: Foo Truck

Foo Truck is another that we originally tried at 33rd & Arch and now appears to have moved on, but we love their foowiches. Tom enjoyed their braised meatball foowich (ground beef, garlic, ginger, napa cabbage), and Holly enjoyed their green curry quinoa foowich with roasted vegetable medley (quinoa, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, beans). These sandwiches are essentially grilled burritos with Asian-influenced fillings. Holly could live on burritos alone, so these make her particularly happy.

Roast pork foowich from Foo Truck

This is not a comprehensive list of all food trucks at 33rd and Arch, as there is always a different mix of trucks, which will continue to change over time, but these reflect our favorites at the time of this writing. We look forward to what 2013 will bring in terms of good eating at this intersection!

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