All Local Deliciousness at Vernalicious

A few weeks ago, I got a delicious asparagus panino from the Vernalicious food truck at The Porch at 30th. I shared the photo on Twitter, and Verna responded that it was truly an all local sandwich, featuring asparagus from Greensgrow Farm, focaccia from Le Bus Bakery, and fresh ricotta and mozzarella from Claudio’s.


Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 1.56.04 PM

I thought to myself, this is wonderful! I wish more food trucks were as transparent about using fresh & local ingredients. I know many of the awesome trucks we frequent use local ingredients, but I understand that all that information doesn’t always fit on the daily menu board. Nonetheless, with our increasing awareness of where our food comes from and our familiarity with local farms, it’s definitely something we’re interested in hearing more about.

I thought I’d follow up with Verna to hear more about the ingredients she and her partner Dave use to craft Vernalicious’s delicious delights. As with the above sandwich, she often uses Claudio’s for ricotta and mozzarella cheese and Le Bus and Abruzzi bakeries for bread. She uses Martin’s Sausage for a lot of sausages on the menu, as well as her local butcher, Ferrante’s in Overbrook for his hot sausage. Ferrante’s also grinds their beef (a combination of grass fed and grain fed) fresh daily when they do burgers. She gets some beautiful eggs from a farm in Barto, and bacon and tomatoes from Green Meadow Farm. Coming up soon, she’ll have strawberries, blueberries, and corn from Blueberry Hill Farm.

All in all, Verna looks to source high quality local ingredients that can shine on their own, with little other intervention other than olive oil and salt & pepper. We have the utmost respect for her simple, locavore approach to cooking, so it’s no surprise that we gravitate to Vernalicious when the truck is in our area (or even when it’s not in our area, as we’ve been known to walk 3+ miles each way to visit them them at Yards Brewing Company).