Cheese at Talula’s Garden

We had some pretty incredible cheese plates at Talula’s Garden recently, and we thought we’d share the pictures with you.

Gusto! A Slow Food Study in Rare Italian Cheese

Talula’s Garden offers six different cheese plates that change with the seasons, and this time we decided to try “Gusto! A Slow Food Study in Rare Italian Cheese.” This plate was amazing and quite the treat. On the day we were there (it has changed slightly since then), it included:

Handmade Spring Ricotta (Cow, PA)
Langa La Tur (Cow/Goat, Piedmont)
Testun al Barolo (Cow/Goat, Piedmont)
Rochetta (Cow/Goat/Sheep, Piedmont)
Parmigiano-Reggiano Stravecchio (Cow, Parma)
Dolcelatte Gorgonzola (Cow, Lombardy)

We loved all of these, but here are some notes on our favorites:

Handmade Spring Ricotta (Cow, PA) – this housemade cheese was a light, fluffy, dream. Soft on the tongue, with just a hint of truffle, but not so much truffle as to overpower or overwhelm. I could eat this all day.

Langa La Tur (Cow/Goat, Piedmont) – OK, this cheese and I go way back. I hadn’t had it in a few years, so it was wonderful to taste it again. In the past, I’d called this “the ice cream of cheese.” Upon tasting it again, I don’t think I would use that descriptor, but it was still wonderfully creamy and decadent. It’s expensive and somewhat hard to find on its own, so it was nice to just have a little taste without the commitment of buying a whole round.

Testun al Barolo (Cow/Goat, Piedmont) – this one features a rind made from Nebbiolo grape must – need one say more?

In addition to the above, our bartender also prepared us a plate of three of his favorites, which included Délice de Bourgogne, an aged gouda, and a soft cheese made with dill that I didn’t catch the name of. All of these were wonderful as well, especially the buttery Délice de Bourgogne.

Although a little pricy, I highly recommend the cheese experience at Talula’s Garden. We would rarely have the opportunity to try, let alone buy, many of these cheeses, so it was certainly worth it in our opinion.

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