We get excited every other Tuesday when it’s time to pick up our CSA from Crawford Organics at Pure Fare. I had a CSA-like delivery service (Beachgreens) when I lived in Long Beach, California, so I wanted something similar in Philly. When we moved to our apartment in October, there weren’t too many Winter CSAs to choose from, but we had a few criteria: a convenient pickup day and time (close to home or work), the option of a half share and/or every-other-week schedule (so we don’t end up with more food than we can use), a “random” selection of vegetables (we don’t want to order specific items, we want to be surprised), and the availability of an egg share. So far we’ve been really happy with our choice.

This week’s share included scallions, cilantro, winter salad mix, carrots, potatoes, spinach, and radishes:

The eggs may be our favorite part of the CSA. They have fabulous orange yolks:

We pick up our CSA on the way home from work, and since we had had a big lunch at White Dog Cafe, we weren’t actually too hungry for dinner. We used some of the winter salad mix, carrots, and radishes to make a simple salad:

Just in case that wasn’t filling enough, we supplemented our salad with a cheese plate. These cheeses all come from Mt. Townsend Creamery in Port Townsend, Washington; they were a Christmas gift from my brother Erik, who lives in Seattle. The wildflower honey is also from Erik and comes from BEE-IEIO honey farm in Chimacum, Washington. The crackers are from DiBruno Brothers.

Another night of simple goodness!