Italian Omelet

Sometimes things work out better than we expect. Normally on Saturday mornings, we go to the farmers’ markets on the early side and then come home and make brunch. Today, we were moving slowly and decided to have brunch first and then shop.

I wasn’t sure what we had left from last week’s shopping, so I had low expectations. However, a plan quickly came together once I looked in the fridge. We had part of a yellow bell pepper, a bunch of broccoli rabe, and some leftover tomato sauce.

I cooked up a couple-four pieces of garlic then added the bell pepper along with a small habanero pepper from a bunch that Holly wisely put in the freezer a few weeks back. Once the peppers were nearly done, I added the broccoli.

I used the mixture for omelets and included some Provolone Classico from Di Bruno Bros. Once the omelets were done, I topped them with some tomato sauce and we were good to go!


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