Long Weekend Brunches

Holly and I made the best of our three-day weekend, especially when it came to brunches.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to the farmers’ markets as usual and came home with quite a wonderful bounty especially considering it is January. We had some dinner plans in mind while shopping, and I had found something I wanted to make on Monday. But we didn’t have any idea what to have Saturday. We were just going to some simply prepared eggs, but we stopped in Metropolitan Bakery after the markets and saw they had some fennel seed pretzels. We figured we could do something nice with those.

January 2016 Farmers’ Markets

We sliced the pretzels and spread some homemade mustard on them. I added some fresh spinach while frying the eggs. I placed the eggs on the spinach and grated some cheddar cheese on top. It still was a pretty simple preparation, but the fennel seed pretzels gave it a unique twist (pun intended).

Eggs, Spinach and Mustard on a Fennel Seed Pretzel

Over winter break, we had a nice afternoon when we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, followed by a late lunch at South Philadelphia Tap Room and then drinks at Buckminster’s. We had been to SPTR a couple of times before for beer but that was the first time we had been there for food, and we were really impressed. We were also impressed with our first experience at Buckminster’s and decided to try it for brunch, and we were not disappointed.

Even though our visit to SPTR is a side note to this tale of our brunches, I can’t help but post Holly’s picture of the grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese at South Philadelphia Tap Room

Anyway, at Buckminster’s, we shared the warm carrot salad, and we each had the ‘Bologna and Cheese,’ which was an open faced sandwich on spelt bread with Ely Farm cheese, Lebanon bologna, sunny egg, and cranberry mostarda. We loved both the salad and the sandwich which was the perfect balance of salty, savory, and sweet. Buckminster’s isn’t very close to where we live but is still an easy walk. We foresee Buckminster’s being a fairly routine trip. We’re especially intrigued by their Sunday curry and beer special. If SPTR was closer, we would be there more often, too.

Warm Carrot Salad at Buckminster’s

Bologna and Cheese at Buckminster’s

Speaking of savory, on Monday, we tried this recipe for savory winter breakfast bowls. We followed the recipe pretty closely. We cut the proportions down a bit and used one big jalapeno rather than two serrano peppers. We also opted the poached two eggs each rather than one soft boiled egg each. We like our eggs, what can I say?

Savory Winter Breakfast Bowl

A couple added bonuses: Holly made yogurt and hummus.

Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Hummus