No Pictures to Show for It

We had a rather excellent day of eating last Thursday, but, alas, we did not take any pictures. We were out to eat with two people we don’t often go out to eat with, so our attention was on visiting with them and not obsessing over our meals as we do when we are out on our own or are with people already aware of our taking of dinner photos.

For lunch, we met a friend at JG Domestic. We had been there once before for lunch around Christmas and really enjoyed it. The highlight of that meal was dessert. We treated ourselves to the beignets which come with a bourbon vanilla mouselline, which were out of this world.

Beignets with a Bourbon Vanilla Mouselline at JG Domestic

When our out of town friend was visiting and suggested meeting for lunch during the week, my first suggestion was JG Domestic, partly because it was excellent the first time we were there and partly because it was close to the train station for her and close to work for us.

We started by sharing the hickory smoked Georgia pecans, which were quite tasty. My friend and I were easily convinced by the waiter to try one of their most popular sandwiches, the smoked Berkshire pork which comes with a yummy BBQ sauce and apple slaw. It was easy to see why this sandwich is so popular. Holly got the chicken panini, which was good but seemed a bit lacking in flavor compared with the pork sandwich. We also all shared an order of duck fat fries. What to say? They are duck fat fries. How can they be bad?

Our friend had never been there before and loved it.

My only complaint is that we had to go back to work and couldn’t try out their excellent drink offerings but that is no fault of JG Domestic. We really need to stop there one day after work.

We had taken advantage of an online deal to purchase $10 tickets for select concerts at the Kimmel Center, which really turned out to be $16 after fees but still a good deal. My cousin was thinking about getting tickets for the same night we were going and we talked about meeting for dinner beforehand. As it turned out, she didn’t buy tickets but we still got together for dinner.

We opted to try the new location of Fish Restaurant, which is now pretty close to the Kimmel Center. The original location was very close to where we live and we were interested in trying it, but it closed shortly after we moved in.

Our experience there was excellent. Holly and I arrived early and had drinks at the bar: one Electrified Fence for her (infused rye, Fresh Apple Juice, Lemon Verbena Honey Syrup, House Ginger Beer) and one T.D.M.A. (Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Drambuie, Dry Vermouth, Lemon) for me. My taste in cocktails has always leaned heavily to whiskey based drinks, but I have been trying to branch out more recently with gin drinks. I really enjoyed my T.D.M.A. and am glad I’ve been trying new things.

Because of our fabulous lunch, we weren’t all that hungry and started by sharing a radicchio salad. For dinner, Holly had the skate wing with truffled spaetzle, melted leeks, parmesan broth and winter truffle. I had the cod with Serrano ham, roasted grapes, caramelized cauliflower and Marcona almond gazpacho. My dinner was amazing. I loved the unexpected combination of flavors (cod with grapes and almonds?!). I didn’t get to try the skate, but Holly reports that the skate was everything you could want from fish (flaky, tender) and the flavor was perfectly balanced between the taste of the fish and the other ingredients.

Kimmel Center

The service was a bit on the slow side and on most nights would not have been an issue since we tend to be leisurely eaters. Once we alerted our waitress that we had a show to get to, she quickly brought our bill and we made our concert on time.

I look forward to getting back to Fish on a night when I wasn’t still full from lunch and when we have the time to linger over their luxurious offerings.