Purveyor Highlight: Otolith Sustainable Seafood

We have two seafood vendors at our local farmers’ markets, Shore Catch and Otolith Sustainable Seafood. Otolith sells frozen sustainable seafood originating in Sitka, Alaska. We often purchase seafood from both vendors, but we gravitate to Otolith either when we want frozen seafood (when we know we won’t be preparing it until later in the week) or when we want seafood that isn’t necessarily local (Coming from the west coast, while I definitely appreciate all the east coast has to offer in terms of seafood, I tend to prefer wild Alaskan salmon over farm-raised Atlantic salmon). Otolith provides straightforward thawing instructions as well as recipes, so their seafood is often easy to prepare, especially on a weeknight when we don’t have a lot of energy after work.

We’ve enjoyed both sidestripe shrimp and prawns from Otolith, which we’ve used a few different ways:

Shrimp Pil-Pil:

Shrimp Pil-Pil

Prawns Fra Diavolo:

Prawns Fra Diavolo

Shrimp tacos with mojo de ajo:

Shrimp tacos with mojo de ajo

Otolith recently had rockfish, which we combined with their sidestripe shrimp to make cioppino.



We also used the rockfish to make fish tacos several times, once with REMcooks’ mojo de ajo and once using Aarti Paarti’s recipe.

Fish tacos, Aarti Paarti style

Their salmon is always a treat; we’ve gotten sockeye, coho, and white king. We don’t have any special recipe, as we believe salmon is best prepared simply, just grilled with a bit of olive oil and seasoning.

Salmon over orzo and veggies

We’re grateful to have access to Otolith via RIttenhouse Farmers’ MarketHeadhouse Market, and Green Aisle Grocery.

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