Rival Bros Coffee BBQ Sauce

The day before Super Bowl Sunday, Rival Bros shared a recipe for coffee BBQ sauce that sounded too good not to try. We looked around and it turned out we already had most of the ingredients, so we gave it a shot, and we’re happy to report that the recipe was a big success!

Unfortunately we didn’t have any Rival Bros coffee at home (sorry, guys! next time!), but we did have some wonderful Philly Fair Trade Roasters Papua New Guinea coffee, which we brewed double strength as the recipe calls for. We followed the recipe pretty much exactly, except we halved all the portions, and substituted green tea for chicken broth.


We used the completed sauce by coating a couple of chicken legs (from Highland Orchards via the Fitler Square farmers’ market), baking them at 400° F for 1 hour, basting with more sauce a few times. It was really excellent; I’d say it was some of the best BBQ chicken we’ve had in recent memory.

On another night, we decided to try the BBQ sauce with some slow cooked pork spare ribs (we’re still working on our pork spare ribs technique, so we don’t yet have a favorite method to share, but the important thing is that the BBQ sauce was able to shine):

We had some leftover ribs, so we soaked the already cooked ribs in more sauce overnight, and finished them up the next morning by making (what else) some delicious omelets. Tom stuffed the omelets with chopped pork, fried jalapeño, and Di Bruno Bros 3-year aged NY cheddar, then topped the whole thing with the last of the BBQ sauce. By this time, the BBQ pork was extra tender, and it went great with the cheddar cheese and jalapeños.

Thanks for the recipe, Rival Bros! I’m sure this will be our go-to BBQ sauce from now on, and next time, we will try to make sure we have some Rival Bros coffee on hand.

One thought on “Rival Bros Coffee BBQ Sauce

  1. REMCooks

    I love it when things work out. I’ve never thought about coffee in a barbecue sauce although I have used coffee in a meat rub. I’ll have to give this a try.