Roasted Chicken with Cara Cara Oranges

Each week I like to try a new chicken dish, and another one I tried recently was Jerusalem’s Roast Chicken with Clementines, via Alexandra Cooks.

Unfortunately when I went to our local produce market to get some clementines, they didn’t have any (a little too late in the season), so instead I chose Cara Cara oranges. It was my first time trying Cara Caras, and they were wonderful! The color of the flesh is reminiscent of a pink grapefruit, and the flavor is brilliant. Since Cara Cars are larger than clementines, I used 2 oranges instead of 4.

The chicken, honey, fennel, and onions came from our Saturday jaunt to the Rittenhouse and Fitler Square farmers’ markets.

Another cool thing about this recipe is it calls for a licorice-y liqueur, for which I chose Ouzo.

I used two large chicken legs, which is about half amount of chicken that the recipe calls for, and I didn’t adjust the proportions of the sauce accordingly, but it turned out fine. I marinated the chicken in the sauce of Ouzo, orange juice, lemon juice, olive oil, local honey, and our homemade grainy mustard, for a few hours. When I was ready to start cooking, I made a bed of orange slices in a dutch oven and laid the chicken legs on top (I would have used a larger baking dish but it happened to be otherwise occupied with another cooking project). Alexandra Cooks had mentioned that the orange slices under the chicken soaked up the juices and were tasty to eat, so I made sure plenty of orange was under the chicken.  Then, I nestled quarters of 1 onion and 1 fennel bulb between the chicken pieces, and arranged the rest of the orange slices on top.

I roasted this in the oven for 45 minutes at 475, and 10 minutes at 400 per Alexandra’s recommendation. Part way through I moved the orange slices off the chicken so that the skin would brown better; I should have made sure from the beginning to make sure the skin was exposed, which would have been easier with a  larger roasting pan.

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