Seelbach Update

A while ago, I wrote about our experiments with trying variations of a Seelbach using our natural bitters. We tried another variation which is the best so far.

Holly bought a blood orange during our Saturday shopping trip without any plan for it. I suggested that we could use it for cocktails and the Seelbach was the first thing to come to mind since we were having difficulty finding a way to add orange flavor.

We didn’t have any sparkling wine on hand, so we picked up a Methode Ancestrale “FRV 100” Sparkling Gamay from Jean-Paul Brun. We had had a sparkling Gamay at a Thanksgiving wine tasting at our local Jet Wine Bar and really enjoyed it. It works really well for our take on the Seelbach not only because it is an excellent dry wine but also because it gives our Seelbach the classic red color that’s missing because we use the natural bitters that don’t have the artificial red dyes of your standard bitters.

I used one part Buffalo Trace Bourbon to one part juice from the blood orange. I stirred that over ice and then used three droppers each of Urban Moonshine Citrus Bitters and Brooklyn Hemispherical Sriracha Bitters. I poured that out into two coupe glasses and then filled them the rest of the way with the sparking wine.

Another variation on the Seelbach

This combination has been the best so far but, who knows, there may be more experiments in the future!