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Ah, blissful Saturday. We were so looking forward to getting back into our weekend routine after being out of town last weekend and working 11 consecutive days. We made our usual stops at the Fitler Square Farmer’s Market and Rittenhouse Farmer’s Market, but were dismayed to find that the Renaissance Sausage Truck (from whom we normally get our egg & sausage sandwiches on Saturdays) is on hiatus until April. Seeking something breakfasty near the market to take home and try our on brand new table(!), we decided to try Spread Bagelry.

Spread Bagelry features Montreal-style bagels, which are cooked in a wood-burning brick oven. When you walk in, you can see the bagels coming out of the oven, as well as a pile of wood stacked up nearby.

We each ordered the frittata scramble on an everything bagel, which features farmhouse cheddar, plum tomato, cherry wood smoked bacon, and Amish farm jam. I never would have thought to combine jam with eggs and other savory ingredients, but it was delicious, and this particular jam was quite good. I really enjoyed the bagel itself, with its somewhat chewy texture and the nice charred taste from being baked in the wood-burning oven.

At $7 a pop, a little pricey compared to what an egg+bacon bagel would cost at a chain bagelry or a non-gourmet street cart, but well worth it for the quality of ingredients (and the same price as what we would have paid for en egg+sausage sandwich from Renaissance, fwiw). Since we went around lunchtime, it was rather crowded and there was a wait (and nowhere really to stand comfortably while we waited), but I wouldn’t let any of that keep me from going again.

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