Staycation 2013 Day Three

After 2 full days of Staycation, by the time Saturday rolled around we were ready to take it easy. We started the day by making our usual run to the Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market, though since we knew we were mostly going to be dining out for the next few days, we only stocked up on a few essentials. We bought some fresh cod from Shore Catch for dinner, since we knew we wanted to stay in for the evening.

The great thing about the weekend when it comes to staycation is the opportunity to brunch! For Saturday we decided to try brunch at Kennett, where we had been once for drinks but had never eaten there. Tom got the Vegetarian Pancake, a thick corn pancake served wtih ginger butter and maple syrup and topped with fried eggs, and I got the Italian breakfast, which consisted of organic gnocchi topped with summer vegetables and an egg. Kennett’s all about the local ingredients, and indeed while we were eating a farm shipment arrived at the restaurant. Brunch was excellent; we love this place.

Italian Breakfast at Kennett

Vegetarian Pancake at Kennett

After brunch, we walked up to the Ritz 5 theater to see a movie. We watched the new Woody Allen movie, Blue Jasmine. We both really enjoyed the flick and it gave us a lot to talk about for the rest of the evening.

After the movie, we walked home and prepared a simple homemade dinner, consisting of Shore Catch cod and fresh corn salsa, all made with ingredients from this morning’s farmers’ market. All in all a very relaxing day!

Staycation snack: Speck & cheeses from Di Bruno Bros

Shore Catch cod with fresh corn salsa