Staycation 2013 Day Two

Day two of Staycation was a busy day.

We relaxed at home for a while and then headed out for lunch at Cheu Noodle Bar, another newish place that we had been interested in trying. After having a heavy eating day on day one, we were looking for a lighter, healthier day two. At Cheu, we shared a few dishes and loved everything we had. We began with their dumplings of the day, which were chicken, corn and mushroom. We then shared the broccoli with Vietnamese sausage and peanuts – fell in love with it immediately, found out all about Vietnam online visa. Check. Finally, we had the Cold Jade Noodles with crab, shaved vegetables and peanuts. Everything was super tasty and perfectly prepared. It was exactly what we were hoping for.

Chicken, Mushroom and Corn Dumplings

Cold Jade Noodles

Day two was musuem day. We first went to the National Constitution Center for the 1968 Exhibit. We had been to the Constitution Center before and although we find the standing collection a bit dry, we have enjoyed their special exhibits. The 1968 Exhibit was of particular interest to me since that was my birth year. It’s an excellent exhibit that really gives a sense of the times as it covers political, cultural, and societal aspects of the era. It was such a volatile time and the exhibit does an excellent job of conveying the sense of turmoil.

1968 Exhibit

After the National Constitution Center, we went across the street to the National Musuem of American Jewish History. It’s a fairly new museum that we’ve been wanting to get to. As with the Constitution Center, our favorite part of this museum also was its special exhibit: The Snowy Day and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats.

National Museum of American Jewish History

By the time we were done at the museums, it was late in the afternoon. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do for dinner but getting drinks at Emmanuelle was high on our list. We hopped on the Market Frankford line and headed out to Northern Liberties. We thought Emmanuelle opened at 5 but when we arrived, we found out they opened at 6. We weren’t sure what we wanted to do, so we checked to see what was nearby and decided to head to Bar Ferdinand to have a drink and figure out what we wanted to do. This turned out to be fortuitous.

We sat at their very lovely bar and ordered a couple of beers. The bartender offered us dinner menus and we took a look since we were still undecided. We liked what we saw and opted to stay put and eat there. It had been ages since we’d been to a tapas place and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal there. We shared a number of things: figs with goat cheese,  pan con tomate with jamón, Jamón Croquetas, rabbit with harissa carrots and flatbread with pancetta and baked egg. We both had wine and Holly also had a sherry flight. Everything was amazing. Bar Ferdinand had not been on our radar, so this was an exceptional find.

Figs and Goat Cheese

Flatbread with Pancetta and Baked Egg

After our feast there, we headed back over to Emmanuelle for cocktails. Emmanuelle didn’t disappoint. We each had two cocktails. The names of the drinks on the menu on the day we were there were mostly book or movie references, which we found rather entertaining.


Holly had a Worthy Fucking Adversary, which is gin, fresh lime, pho spice syrup, and a Viet herb blend. She went with the optional Siracha float. She also had a Satyricon, which is American Dry Gin, dry curaçao, carrot-ginger-red bell pepper syrup, fresh lemon, cardamom & cinnamon tinctures.

Worthy Fucking Adversary

I had an All in the Reflexes, which was amazing. It has Reposado tequila, coffee liqueur, Benedictine, Carpano Antica, smoked salt tincture. I also had a Fickt nicht mit dem Raketemensch, which is bonded bourbon, black walnut liqueur, strawberry preserves, balsamic gastrique, Lambrusco, Angostura bitters. Anyone who knows me knows I am mildly obsessed with Thomas Pynchon, so getting this was a must for me. Luckily, it is also a delicious cocktail.

Day two was busy and fully lived up to the promise of Staycation!