Staycation 2013 Prologue

Staycation 2013 got off to a great start even before it “officially” started on Thursday.

As was our plan for last year’s Staycation, we wanted to focus on trying new places; however, since we were at work on Wednesday, we unofficially kicked things off with lunch at a couple of our favorite lunch trucks. We went to The Porch at 30th Street Station to hit SpOt Gourmet Burgers and Vernalicious. Although Spot’s main business is burgers, he often has very interesting specials. On this Wednesday, he had Lobsta Rolls. Holly got in the not insignificant line at Spot while I headed over to Vernalicious to get their Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese. Vernalicious doesn’t often come to 33rd Street near work, so we wanted to take advantage of their presence at The Porch to grab one of our favorite sandwiches. Holly and I shared the Lobsta Roll and the Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese.

Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese from Vernalicious and a Lobsta Roll from SpOt Gourmet Burgers

We had a place we hadn’t tried before in mind for dinner for Wednesday night, but we stopped first for cocktails at Lemon Hill, where we had been a few times before. We don’t live all that close to Lemon Hill, but, if we did, I’m sure it would be a regular place for us. Since we were heading to the Fairmount section for dinner, we couldn’t resist stopping in. Holly had a Gimlet and I had a Rye Buck. Both, of course, we wonderful.

Gimlet and Rye Buck at Lemon Hill

For dinner, we went to La Calaca Feliz, which is a fairly new Mexican place that we had been wanting to check out. We both started with an absolutely delicious Three Chili Margarita and then shared the Asparagus Tlayuda, the Campechano Tlayuda, the Enchilada con Mariscos and grilled summer squash with smoked tomato sofrito. We both love Mexican food and were thrilled that La Calaca Feliz lived up to our expectations. The food was great, the atmosphere wonderful (albeit a little loud) and the service efficient and friendly.

Asparagus Tlayuda: green & white asparagus, poblano, jalapeño, requeson, queso mixto, manchego bechamel

Campechano Tlayuda: shortrib, chorizo, carnitas, refried beans, queso fresco

Enchilada con Mariscos: crab, shrimp, chipotle cream, salsa ranchera

We thought about stopping somewhere else on the long walk home for an after dinner drink but decided to just call it a night since there was still plenty of Staycation ahead and we didn’t want to wear ourselves out too soon!