Staycation 2014 Day Six

As is our habit, the last day of Staycation was pretty laid back. We like having a relaxing day before heading back to work, and, yes, this year we tacked on an extra day of Staycation just because we could.

We stayed in in the morning and then wandered over to Jet Wine Bar in the afternoon for their Tasting Tuesday special, which is a $10 flight for any three wines on the menu. Jet, of course, is one of our favorite places and provides the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon that we normally would have spent at work.

Jet Wine Bar

For dinner, we finally got to Lolita, a Mexican restaurant that had been on our radar for quite some time. We shared a few things, including their Mexico City Quesadilla, the Duck Fat Tamal, the Mexican Street Style Corn and the Salsa Negra Marinated Pork Tacos. We were seated toward the back and the light wasn’t very good for pictures, so, alas, we don’t have any for this wonderful meal. We’re always on the search for good Mexican food, which can be a little hard to come by in Philadelphia, so we were thrilled with our experience at Lolita.