Staycation 2014 Days Three and Four

After our first two days of staycation, by Day Three we were ready for some relaxing at home. It was the weekend, though, so that meant two things: 1) time to go to the farmers’ market and 2) brunch!!

Knowing that we wouldn’t be doing too much home cooking while on staycation, we only took a small haul at the Fitler Square and Rittenhouse farmers’ markets, stocking up on some summer essentials, and getting some fresh fish for the evening.

After our early morning trip to the market, we headed out to The Good King Tavern for brunch. We got some lovely food, including English Pea Croquettes, and a Croque Madame for each of us.


After we got home, I caught up on some DIY projects, including making some homemade mustard, straining my homemade crème de cassis (which won’t be ready to drink until December), and starting a batch of groundcherry bitters.

In the afternoon, we decided to have a decadent snack at home, cracking open a special bottle of champagne, and pairing it with Utz potato chips (champagne pairs great with salty foods).

For dinner, we cooked up the fresh cod we had bought from Shore Catch at the farmers’ market in the morning, and served it over lemony pasta, accompanied by tomatoes and summer squash.


We’re going to include day four here since we just had a nice day at home before heading back to one of our favorite places, Pumpkin, for dinner. They usually have an excellent Sunday prix fixe menu, which is actually the only times we’ve been there. It’s a BYOB, so we picked up a couple of wines and had a wonderful and leisurely dinner.

It began with a refreshing Green Gazpacho soup made with watermelon and poured over a verjus sorbet. For our second course, Holly and the Local Corn Chow Chow and Tom had the Steamed Mussels with escarole, chickpeas and tomatoes. The third course was an excellent Green Lentil Salad with blue cheese and tomatoes. For the fourth course, we both chose the Berkshire Pork Belly served with a cranberry bean vinaigrette. Finally, we shared the two offered desserts: the almond cake with caramelized peaches and vanilla ice cream and the malted milk pot de creme with chocolate, banana caramel and pralines. As always, the food was excellent and the service friendly and efficient.

Pumpkin is dark and cozy, which is a great atmosphere for dinner but not so great for taking pictures, so these don’t exactly do the meal justice.

Pumpkin Collage

Pumpkin Collage


More pics: