Staycation 2014 Prologue

As we had done in 2012 and 2013, we decided to take some time off this summer to relax and do some things (mainly eating and drinking) around town. Staycation 2014 began on a Thursday, but, as before, we began the night before by going out after work.

We kept it simple this year and just went to a local favorite: Sawatdee, which is a Thai restaurant. Holly had purchased a bottle of wine a couple of weeks ago with the express purpose of bringing to Sawatdee, an Alsace Pinot Blanc from Domaine Roland Schmitt.

Alsace Pinot Blanc

We began by sharing an appetizer of fried shrimp wrapped in pastry shells served with a sweet and sour sauce. We then shared two entrees: their pan fried tilapia fillet with baby bok choy in a chili tamarind sauce and one of their specials that night, red curry pad thai.

Tilapia with Tamarind Chili Sauce and Baby Bok Choy

red curry pad thai

As always, dinner was delicious and the wine made an excellent pairing, especially with the pad thai.