Staycation 2015 Day Eight

The second Saturday of our long Staycation was relaxing. As we mentioned about last Saturday, even during our Staycations, we usually just get something at our local farmers market and cook at home for dinner. That Saturday was no different.

After going to the market, we crossed town and tried out The Victoria Freehouse, a British Pub. From watching the April Bloomfield episodes of Mind of a Chef, we had been on a mission to find a place that serves a traditional English breakfast, particularly one that has Scotch eggs. The Victoria Freehouse fit the bill.

Scotch Egg

We each got a pint of beer and then shared a Scotch egg and a scone with clotted cream and jam. Holly got the Full English Breakfast and I got Bangers with Bubble and Squeak. It was quite a feast, and it’s good to know we have a place to go when the urge for an authentic English breakfast hits us.

Cranberry scone, Clotted Cream, and Jam

Bubble and Squeak with Eggs and Bangers

Full English Breakfast

After breakfast, Holly headed home, and I continued with the film festival. It was the penultimate day of the festival, and I always start feeling a bit sad whenever the end comes into view. Luckily, the film I saw on Saturday, The Benefactor, was enjoyable if not somewhat contrived. Richard Gere stars as a wealthy man who is responsible for the accident that causes the death of his best friends. He tries to alleviate his guilt by helping their daughter and her fiance but overcompensates and interferes too much in their lives.

After the movie, I joined Holly at home and had a simple dinner of fish tacos with monkfish we had gotten at the market earlier in the day. Alas, we didn’t take any pictures, but they were delicious!