Staycation 2015 Day Four

We started Staycation Day Four with breakfast at Cafe Fulya, a Turkish restaurant in Queen Village. We each opted for coffee and egg specialties. Tom had the eggs Caprese and I had the eggs poached with yogurt and garlic.

coffee at Cafe Fulya

eggs caprese at Cafe Fulya

poached eggs at Cafe Fulya

After our delicious and satisfying breakfast, we walked down the Delaware River Waterfront to see the relatively new public spaces at Washington Ave Pier and Pier 68.

Washington Ave Pier

Pier 68

We both went to see a movie at the film festival, King Georges, a very good documentary about Philadelphia chef Georges Perrier.

After our movie, we took the El up to Northern Liberties and went to North Bowl to bowl a few games before dinner. We had been to South Bowl in the summer, and we found North Bowl to be fairly similar, only easier to get to. We didn’t want to spoil our appetites, but we did have some hummus and a few beers.

North Bowl

For dinner, we went to Heritage, which was truly one of the best finds of this Staycation. We had stopped in briefly on Saturday afternoon, but this time we made reservations for dinner. We were already starting to experience some Staycation bloat, so we made a meal out of the chef’s vegetable board. It was truly impressive, including broccoli 3 ways, kohlrabi fritters, beets, curried squash, and sweet + hot peppers. We enjoyed the live jazz and were glad that the space was not too loud or crowded. I would really go there pretty much every day if I could.

vegetable board at Heritage


We ended up walking a total of over 10 miles (about 25,000) steps that day!

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