Staycation 2015 Day One

The first day of Staycation started off like any other Saturday with us going to the Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market. Knowing that we would be eating out a lot during the week, we didn’t get much, but we made sure to get some fresh fish from Shore Catch. We usually eat in for dinner on Saturdays during Staycation partly so that we wouldn’t have to deal with Saturday crowds but mostly because we really enjoy the fresh fish we get from the market.

After our errand, we headed to Northern Liberties for brunch. NoLibs is about 1/2 an hour away from us by public transit. Although it’s relatively easy to get to, we don’t head that way very often because there are so many good places close by that we don’t need to venture too far away. But Staycation is all about experiencing the city, so we found ourselves in that neck of the woods a few times during the week.

We went to Standard Tap for lunch. Standard Tap was one of my favorite places before I ended up moving out west for a bit, and Holly and I have been there a few times since moving back. Although we love Standard Tap, we had never been there for brunch before. It was as delicious for brunch as it has been for lunch and dinner.

We sat at the upstairs bar, which worked well. Initially, it wasn’t crowded and the bartender was super friendly and helpful. We shared the vegetable hash with duck eggs and an order of poutine. Standard Tap has a great selection of local beers. I enjoyed a Cicada by Yards Brewing and Irish Dry Stout from Sly Fox. Holly had a Session from Manayunk Brewing Company and a Techno IPA from Free Will Brewing.

Brunch at Standard Tap

We had some time after brunch to fill before I had to get to the film festival, so we decided to take a walk around Northern Liberties. We’re not unfamiliar with the area, but it had been a while since we had been there, and we knew of a few new places we wanted to scope out, to at least see where they were. We walked past Bardot Cafe which we did not go in at the time but noted its location for a future visit. However, we did find and stop in Heritage which was high on our list to check out. We stopped in for a couple of cocktails and enjoyed some live jazz. We liked it enough to return a bit later in Staycation.


Cocktails at Heritage

After our cocktails, Holly headed home, and I went to see Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, which is an excellent documentary about the black sheep of the Giggenheim family.

That night, we had a simple dinner with the cod we bought at Shore Catch earlier.