Staycation 2015 Day Seven

By Day 7 (Friday), we were winding down Staycation, but we still managed to get out a bit.

We started our morning at La Va Cafe, which is one of our local coffee shops that happens to have good Israeli food and other breakfast options. Tom got the shakshuka and I got a Greek breakfast omelet on a sesame bagel. (Oops, no pics!) We brought our computers and got some work done.

For lunch, we took the subway down to East Passyunk to eat at Stargazy, a new place that features British meat pies. We got the traditional meat pie with parsley liquor and mash, as well as the special chicken & sage pie. I still want to go back to try the pasties and desserts!

Meat pie at Stargazy

We had a ginger beer at Stargazy but were craving actual beer afterwards, so we walked a couple blocks west to go to South Philly Tap Room and had a few beers there. I’m so glad we did, as it had been probably about 3 years since the last time we went to SPTR, and it was much better this time. I really want to go back soon for brunch and/or dinner so we can try the food, since the menu looks great and the beer list is top notch.

South Philly Taproom

At this point we parted ways, and Tom went to the film festival to see Mountains May Depart. After Tom’s movie, we went to a friend’s housewarming party, which was a lot of fun and good company.

For dinner, we decided just to get some takeout pizza to eat at home. There are 2 local pizza joints, Randazzo’s and Lazaro’s; we hadn’t tried Lazaro’s yet (even after the 4 years we’ve been here!) so this was the night we remedied that. I’m glad we tried it, since it is so locally popular, but overall we found it very bland. It was an apples to oranges comparison with Randazzo’s, since we got different kinds of pizzas and that wasn’t fair, but at this point I’d rather go to Randazzo’s before giving Lazaro’s another chance.

Two days of Staycation left!