Staycation 2015 Day Two

On Day 2 of Staycation (Sunday), we mostly stayed local to our neighborhood.

We started the day by meeting Tom’s brother Dennis for brunch at Tria Filter Square. We have been there plenty of times, but it’s a nice place to meet up with others, plus it was a good opportunity to follow our meal with a scenic walk on the Schuylkill River boardwalk.

Tria is dedicated to the trio of wine, beer, and cheese. On Sundays, they have “Sunday School,” in which there is a featured wine, a featured beer, and a featured cheese, all for a special price. We started our brunch with the Sunday School cheese: Sprout Creek Toussaint, a raw cow cheese from Poughkeepsie, NY, served with apricot mustard.

cheese at Tria Fitler Square

Tom had the blueberry ricotta pancakes:

pancakes at Tria Fitler Square

I had an omelette with Cabot clothbound cheddar:

Omelet at Tria Fitler Square

Afterwards we walked around Fitler Square and Schuylkill Banks.

Fitler Square

Schuylkill River

In the afternoon, Tom went to the film festival to see the movie Mustang.

In the evening, we went out to dinner at Russet BYOB and brought a couple of bottles of red wine, a Burgandy and a Côtes du Rhônes. We had made the reservation based on their Sunday $35 dinner, but it turned out the fixed price menu was different than what had been advertised (and wouldn’t pair so well with the wines we brought), so we ordered off the regular menu instead.


The lighting was too low to take pictures of our food, but it certainly was photo-worthy. Tom started with the house-cured prosciutto with ricotta, mustard, arugula, and heirloom apples. I started with the potato gnocchi with duck prosciutto, pistachio & mustard pesto, and parmigiano-reggiano. For our second courses, Tom got the Green Meadow Farms pork chop, with chamomile-roasted carrots, cauliflower, turnip greens, polenta, lemongrass, and honey jus. I got the slow-roasted lamb leg with bintje potatoes, purple top turnips, cavolo nero, and lamb jus. I don’t think I’ve ever found either turnips or turnip greens so enjoyable! For dessert, we shared cornmeal pudding with lemon blueberry compote.

While we had been to Russet once before, it was a nice reminder of what a pleasant spot it is. All the food is so fresh and local, and the preparations include things perhaps we wouldn’t normally try but that end up delighting us.

This weekend felt like we had done so much on Staycation already, it was exciting to know that we still had a full week left!