Staycation 2015 Prologue

It’s time for our annual Staycation! Once a year, we take some time off work to eat, drink, and see the sights in Philadelphia, as if we were tourists.

This year, our Staycation coincided with the Philadelphia Film Festival. In past years, we took a long weekend for Staycation, doing something like Friday through Tuesday. Since we were combining it with the Film Festival, we took the entire week off, so Staycation this year was NINE days long. I think we will stick to a whole week in the future! Tom scheduled his movies for the middle of the day each day, so we planned to go out for breakfast/brunch before the movie(s) and dinner after the movie(s) most days. This pattern meant we didn’t really have as much time in the middle of the day for non-food adventures (museums, etc.) as we have in the past, but we still got a LOT of walking in (around 10 miles several days).

The prologue to our Staycation was a Friday, in which I went to work as usual, but Tom took the day off to get a head start on the Film Festival. He saw 3 movies: Embrace of the Serpent, Hedi Schneider is Stuck, and Ixcanul Volcano.

When I got off work, we met up for dinner to kick off our Staycation at Blue Corn in the Italian Market. Blue Corn is a legit traditional Mexican restaurant that also happens to have a liquor license. We were really pleased with the margaritas as well as the delicious food.

Margaritas and chips at Blue Corn


We started with an order of the signature Blue Corn tacos (blue corn tortillas, al pastor) and Ofrenda de los Dioses (tortillas, huitlachoche, poblano sauce, oaxaca cheese).


Blue Corn tacos


Ofrenda de los Dioses


We actually probably didn’t need any more food, but we ordered the pavo (turkey) con mole.

Pavo con mole


This was some of the better Mexican food I’d ever had in Philly, so overall it was a great success. I’m looking forward to going back, and trying a new (to us), delicious place was a wonderful way to start our Staycation.